One of the core values of TalkingCow speech therapy is Neurodiversity Affirming. So, what is Neurodiversity affirming? Let’s talk about it in this blog.

What is Neurodiversity?

In simple terms, it refers to every individual’s brain is different, and that people experience and interact with the world around them in different ways, and, that there is no one right way of thinking, doing, or learning things. In a nutshell neurodiverse tout that differences are not defects. They’re just, quite simply, differences.

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How to prepare your child to be kindergarten ready

New environment, new friends, and full day of fun. There’s lot to look forward for your little ones at kindergarten but the transition from home to school environment can sometimes be daunting- for both kids and parents.
Here, we share some tips that can help your child put their best foot forward when joining kindergarten.

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Gentle parenting

Gentle parenting essentially centers on acknowledging a child’s feelings and the motivations behind challenging behavior, as opposed to correcting the behavior itself. Gentle parenting is everything that include “respectful parenting,” “mindful parenting,” and “intentional parenting.”

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